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Common Questions

What is the most efficient irrigation system? Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of watering. They minimize or potentially eliminate evaporation, impede weed growth, and help prevent diseases. Water diseases may be caused by under or over watering. Get the tubing inspected regularly for damage, leaks, and debris the may potentially clog lines.

What type of sprinkler should I use? A low angle sprinkler is the best kind of sprinkler. It produces large drops of water close to the ground. This type of sprinkler provides less evaporation.  Additionally, a sprinkler system with adjustable spray patterns is most useful for irregularly shaped areas.

Why not oscillating sprinklers? Oscillating sprinklers produce a fine mist or spray. Fine mist is not the best practice for watering your yard because you will have higher amounts of evaporation. This method has less watering going to your yard.

Do I need a timer? Yes, you never want to forget to turn off your sprinkler system because it can result in overwatering.

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MP Rotators

A rotary nozzle that can be attached to a traditional pop-up sprinkler head. These nozzles increase coverage while decreasing the amount of water usage.

Rain Bird

Rain Bird manufactures a full line of irrigation controllers, rotary sprinklers, pop up spray head sprinklers, sprinkler nozzles, irrigation valves, drip irrigation, and more for lawn watering, residential irrigation, commercial irrigation, agricultural irrigation, and golf course irrigation.

As a leader in irrigation for over seven decades, Rain Bird is committed to The Intelligent Use of Water.

Netafim Dripper Line

Suitable for sub-surface and on-surface installation, dripper line uses much less water and gets water straight to the roots of your plants. Great for flower beds.

Rain / Freeze Sensors

Automated System shutoff due to rain or freezing temperatures prevents unnecessary watering and breaking pipes due to watering during freezing temperatures.

Toro Sprinklers

Weathermatic Smart Line Controllers

Automated on-site water management provided by the industry’s leading controllers technology, now within reach of everyone.