Sprinkler Installation

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Our lawn sprinkler system installation services for Irving, Texas will help your yard look its best! You may have several questions when considering adding an automatic sprinkler system to your lawn’s design.

Does a Sprinkler System Waste Water?

Generally, an automatic sprinkler system can be a great addition to any home. In fact, sprinkler systems may actually save you money on your water bill! A well-designed and effective irrigation system supplies the perfect amount of water to your yard, therefore ensuring the lawn does not get too much or too little water. That’s right, a successfully installed sprinkler system can help you and your family go green!

H2O sprinklers can offer expert guidance on which types of products should be used to best treat your lawn’s unique needs. Through a custom-designed, efficient system provided by H2O S, your lawn is guaranteed to be thriving, healthy, and GREEN!

A standard sprinkler system is operated by the brain of the operation, the controller, valves, which control the flow of water, piping, and sprinklers, which distribute the water evenly throughout your yard. H2O offers unique customization of all of these parts based on customer requests and a yard’s special requirements. Through the use of our specialized equipment, trusted and trained employees, and quality care, we can offer a fast and worry-free installation that suits your home’s needs.

Can A Sprinkler System Save Time?

If you prioritize keeping your yard healthy and green and you don’t have an automatic sprinkler system, chances are, you are spending large too much time watering your grass. Manually watering your grass can be quite the time-suck. Not only do you have to regularly go outside and water your entire yard, but you have to water it the right amount and at the right time of day. So in short, if you want healthy green grass, yes, a sprinkler system will save you time.

Can a sprinkler system do a better job than I can?

Automated irrigation systems, also known as sprinkler systems, will take the guesswork and the hard work out of watering your grass yourself. But, it all depends. Are you a licensed irrigator? If not, it is probably best for you to hire a reputable, professional, licensed irrigation contractor, like H2O Sprinkler Systems to design your irrigation system for you.

If you are willing to put the time and effort into researching the proper ways to water your grass in Texas, then it might be possible that you can do a better job than a sprinkler system. Though, we recommend that you look at it as a passion project, because it will take diligence. However, if you call H2O Sprinkler Systems, we know that was can provide excellent service that can compete with even the most dedicated homeowners.

Do I really need a sprinkler system?

If you are looking for luscious, healthy green grass, then a sprinkler system is an investment that is right for you.

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If you already have an existing sprinkler system and it’s in need of repair or updating, check out our lawn sprinkler repair page! This page covers common repair solutions and provides an option to contact us so that we can get you one step closer to the perfect yard you have always wanted!