A plate of Thai food with lime, basil, and a red pepper in the background in Irving, Texas | H2O SprinklersLooking for the best Thai food in the Dallas Metroplex? Some might think that Irving residents don’t have access to incredible Thai food! That assumption would be wrong. Dwayne and Jeanna West like to cook at home or out on the grill some evenings, but they can’t help but find themselves at one of their favorite Thai spots at least several times a month. They definitely consider themselves to be small town foodies, with Thai food being one of their favorite meals. We asked them to name their top three and after much debate, they begrudgingly gave us the names of their three favorite Thai Restaurants. We might have to revisit this topic or add to it later down the road. But for now, we will stick to these three fine establishments.

  1. Malai Kitchen – Southlake, Texas

This is the one thing the Dwayne and Jeanna agreed on instantly. This is not only their favorite Thai restaurant but one of their favorite restaurants in all of the DFW metroplex. Not only is it delicious but they offer tons of healthy options. Jeanna says “It’s fresh, healthy. and the atmosphere is uplifting. If we need a little pick me up, that’s where we go.” We asked Jeanna for her favorite dish and without hesitation, she said it was the sea bass. Malai Kitchen’s seabass is poached in garlic lemongrass and served with baby bok choy, thin rice noodles, and crushed peanuts. But don’t take her word for it, go try it out. If sea bass isn’t your thing, or maybe seafood in general, the iron pot green curry chicken is wonderful.

If you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely a place where you need to save room for dessert. Their signature Mango Sticky Rice is as pretty as it is delicious. It is served with fresh mangos, so it’s healthy right? They also have a Coconut Cream Pie that is worth every single calorie. Malai Kitchen should be at the top of your list for new restaurants to try out. This is our number one pick for the best Thai around.


  1. Bankok City – Dallas, Texas

Bangkok City is located on Bryan St in Dallas, Texas. It looks sweet and quaint when you walk in, with fresh flowers on the table, but their menu packs a punch. Locals in Dallas claim that their Basil Noodles (Pad Kee Mow) and their Pad Thai are the best in town. Their Coconut Milk Soup should win awards. It’s craving-worthy in the winter or the summer. We recommend it for in-house or take out but when you order it in the restaurant it comes out as a heaping portion in a hot pot that makes it fun to share. Jeanna and Dwayne often find themselves here around two in the afternoon on Sundays for the Red Curry Shrimp and Tom Kha Gai (coconut milk soup).


  1. Sapp Sapp – Irving, Texas

Lastly, Sapp Sapp, located in Irving Texas on Main Street, is an affordable and tasty lunch or dinner spot. Jared and Jacob, two of Dwayne’s sons, and team members of H2O Sprinklers frequent this place often. The Beef Larb is a hearty, juicy and savory choice that the guys seem to favor. One of the things we recommend, especially on a long hot Texas afternoon, in the middle of summer, is the Fresh Young Coconut Water. It’s served in an actual coconut which makes you feel like you’re actually on a beach with a cool breeze blowing by. Don’t let this strip mall location prevent you from stopping by. It is a really incredible restaurant.


Ready for Thai food now? The best Thai food in town is just down the road from you no matter what area you live in. Let these three restaurants make the way to the top of your must-try list. If you happen to go to Malai Kitchen, chances are Dwayne and Jeanna are there right now.